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Q: Who manages The Belmont at North Lauderdale COA?

This Community is Professionally Managed by On Call Management, LLC

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Q: How does the application process work?

All occupants over the age of 18 must be screened and approved by the board of directors in order to reside in the community and have access to amenities, parking decals & gates.

Please visit the "Forms" section of this website to locate the occupancy application and follow the directions on the cover-page for submission.

Applications take up to 30 business days and the “submission date” is the business day the application is completed in its entirety and all requested documents and requirements are provided. If a partial application is submitted, it is not considered "completed" and the 30 day countdown does NOT apply until all requested documents are submitted and all application fields are completed.

Please assign ONE person from your party to contact this office via e-mail after 10 business days from submitting a completed application at Please understand, multiple e-mails, calls & voicemails from different individuals result in duplicate work to respond, and may cause confusion in different directions for the same matter. The best way to follow up, is through e-mail from ONE sender and copy as many parties as you need so long as they do not reply and all communication comes from one individual.

**If this cannot be achieved, we will revoke the courtesy of communicating with everyone EXCEPT the applicant(s) themselves.**

Q: How do I pay my monthly dues for this association?

Maintenance Fees are due on the 1st of the month, made payable to: The Belmont at North Lauderdale Assoc, Inc (Please do not make checks payable to On Call Management)

We have several options for making your payments:


ACH Forms are available in the "Forms” section of this website, please complete and submit with a voided check emailed to or faxed to (954) 667- 3935

  1. This form is completed ONCE, and your homeowner dues are automatically withdrawn on the date of your choosing from the 1st to the 10th of the month.
  2. If maintenance fees increase or decrease, we AUTOMATICALLY adjust your withdrawal fee (as stated on the form).
  3. If/When you sell your property; you must submit a written cancellation 3 business days before the next withdrawal date to STOP the ACH Payments to our office address or Withdrawals will continue until we receive your written request to end them.


Center State Bank (the association’s bank) offers Credit/Debit Card Payment options for a small fee and FREE E-checks for your convenience. Please visit the "Pay HOA Dues" section of this website and use the instructions below:


  1. Find Account: Input your Mgmt. Co. ID, Association ID and Homeowner Account Number ( you can find this information in your coupon book) 
  2. Make Payment: Input your first name, last name, email address, phone number, note  (optional) and payment amount. 
  3. Select your Online Payment Method: Credit Card, Debit Card and e-Check. You  may pay By American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa. 

NOTE- Convenience Fees: Credit/debit Card convenience fee is 2.95% per transaction amount (fee is disclosed prior to submitting your payment). Debit Card convenience fee is $4.95 per transaction. The e-Check has no convenience fee. 

Payment Processing: Please allow 2 – 3 business days for Credit Card, Debit Card and e-Check payments to process and post to your association account.

**Please be mindful when opting in for automatic withdrawals as it is your responsibility to enroll and end any future withdrawals.**

Support Line: 877-417-2265


If you wish to use BILLPAY or physically mail a check, please be sure to reference your “account number” on the memo line of the check. Your account number can be found on the top line of your coupon books.

  1. Checks should be made payable to the association name ONLY: The Belmont at North Lauderdale COA, Inc.
  2. MAILED TO: The Belmont at North Lauderdale COA, Inc. P.O BOX 667943 Miami, FL 33166-9408

TO AVOID LATE FEES: Please mail your check with ample time to be delivered to us.

To request a ledger or inquire about the status of your account, please e-mail

Q: Where do I obtain amenity access?

Gate Barcodes, Pool, Mailroom & Gym keys are available at the Management office:

Payments must be remitted in certified funds only made payable to The Belmont at North Lauderdale Condominium Association, Inc.

Pool Key: $35.00

Main/Guest Gate: Clicker $50.00 & Entry Card $25.00

Back Residents Only Gate: $25.00 (no guests)

Gym Key: $200.00 Refundable Deposit

To add a telephone to the gate call-box please e-mail with the approved resident's name, property address and requested telephone number. The telephone numbers may ONLY belong to the unit owner or approved tenant/resident's ONLY. Please allow 24-48 business hours to process your request. 

Q: How to obtain parking decals for this community?

The Belmont at North Lauderdale uses the services of a third party company "ONCALL PATROL LLC aka On Call Management Systems" not affiliated with On Call Management, LLC (your property management firm) in any way for the parking monitoring and issuance of resident decals.

Please visit and select the "Resident Registration" option. Please complete the registration form and follow the prompted directions.

For technical support or registration questions, please contact or 954-473-9001

Q: How do I obtain a certificate of Insurance for this association?

The legal name of the association is: The Belmont at North Lauderdale Condominium Association, Inc.

Please use the instructions in the “Forms” section of this website and select the " Insurance Certificate Request Instructions’.

Q: How do I order an Estoppel and/or Sufficient Funds Affidavit for this association?

Please visit the "Forms” section of this website and select the "Estoppel Instructions PDF".

This form will have everything you will need for estoppel & Sufficient Funds Affidavit Requests

Q: How do I order a Condo Questionaire for this association?

Please visit the "Forms” section of this website and select the "Condo Questionnaire Instructions PDF".

This form will have everything you will need for condo questionnaire requests. 

Q: How do I obtain Condo Docs for this Association?

Please visit the "Forms” section of this website to access the "Electronic Condo Docs".

To obtain a paper copy of the full set of Condo Docs please visit the "Forms” section of this website and select the "Condo Docs Request Form PDF".

Q: How do I submit an Architectural Modification Form?

Please visit the "Forms” section of this website and select the " Architectural Modification Form PDF".

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